The Official Bootleg

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Contrary to what its title says, The Official Bootleg isn't really a bootleg. This CD, unlike actual bootlegs, is totally legal and was released with the artist's permission; were this a real bootleg, Jacki-O wouldn't enjoy any of the profits. The Official Bootleg is actually a mixtape that Poe Boy and TVT seemingly envisioned as a prelude to Poe Little Rich Girl, the Miami-based female rapper's coming-out party. But like a bootleg, this mixtape (which is technically a "mix CD") is aimed at the hardcore listener rather than the casual listener -- the sort of obsessive hip-hop head who keeps his/her ears to the street and reads Murder Dog religiously in search of new talent. Like a lot of mixtapes, The Official Bootleg has a loose, freewheeling quality; that looseness is a big part of its charm, even if the disc is mildly uneven. But mildly uneven is certainly preferable to very uneven -- and overall, The Official Bootleg paints a favorable picture of Jacki, whose blunt, in-your-face sexuality often brings to mind Lil' Kim. Not that Jacki is going out of her way to emulate that famous Brooklynite; while Lil' Kim is an influence, Jacki's work owes just as much to hip-hop's Dirty South school. The Southern influence, in fact, is hard to miss on infectious tunes like "Out of Control" (which features Timbaland), "Fuck Y'All Niggas," and "Jam Don't Shake" (which draws on crunk as well as P-Funk and sort of bridges the gap between Parliament/Funkadelic and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz). By 2004 standards, Jacki's accounts of sex, playa-haters, gangsta bitches, bling-bling, and more sex are far from groundbreaking; nonetheless, this is an entertaining, if slightly inconsistent, effort that the rapper's hardcore admirers will enjoy.

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