Mark Dwane

The Nefilim

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This will mark Dwane's, (no pun intended), fifth release, this time done entirely on MIDI guitar sans percussion aids. Rhythm, percussives, and beat are still there as well as Dwane's trademark stylings. If you're into the ancient astronaut theories and "gods" come down to Earth long ago-here's your soundtrack for future readings on the subject.

A novel bit of the Andreas Vollenweider soundform crops up in "Lifeforms" and the title track. "The Nefilim" track also features synthchoir vocals. The track then flows seamlessly into the 10:16 "Splice" with native vibes carrying things along. A Middle Eastern/ Sumerian flair was evident in song structure. On "Synthetic Species" you hear a very strong leaning towards Patrick O'Hearn and a dash of Peter Buffet. On this track and others, Dwane has really cranked up the basslines. As before this track slips right into the final 10:20 piece, "Genetic Drift," which happens to be best of the bunch. Imagine a blending of Jonn Serrie, Peter Buffet, Giles Reaves, Steve Roach, and Nik Tyndall and here's another consistently solid addition to the Dwane legacy.

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