Rocky T. Fretz

The Music of Imagination

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From the dramatic opening chords of "You Name It" through the gently lilting rhythms of "Where Does This Take You?," the answer to that song title's question is: through another set of melodious piano soundscapes from Rocky T. Fretz. Fans of the artist's original compositions will certainly be pleased that he's returned with more evocative instrumentals, including the lovely, flowing "Dreams Greater Than Fears" and the dramatic and popular "The Celtic Journey," which is also included on his other release, Rocky T.'s Compilation CD. "The Improvisational Life" lives up to its name by offering some interesting tempo changes, and just when it seems to be reaching a conclusion, it varies yet again and continues on for another round. One caveat -- some of the selections on this CD have been recorded live, as there's applause at the end of them. Yet these applause sections do not always enhance the compositions, and might benefit from a quick editorial removal to improve the album's flow. Applause between selections is characteristic of live performances, yet it is not necessary to keep it included after every cut on a recording -- this is something to consider adjusting in the future. However, it's a minor point. Overall, the album succeeds in offering more pleasingly harmonious songs to relax by, and will be a welcome addition to regular listeners' collections.