The Mad Circus

Detroit Grand Pubahs

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The Mad Circus Review

by Jason Birchmeier

Though an initial listen to "Sandwiches" -- the key track here -- may have you scratching your head at its simplicity, once you walk away and find that the catchy lyrics and minimal electro beats stick with you, you will understand why this record generated so much hype. In sum, it is very accessible and unbelievably catchy. An anthem if there ever was one, it begins with a simple electro beat that moves at a fairly slow but funky pace. Four bars in, the vocals -- courtesy of Paris the Black Fu -- begin: "I know you wanna do it/ You know I wanna do it too/ Out here on the dancefloor/ We can make sandwiches/ You can be the bun/ And I can be the burger, girl/ I know you wanna do it/ We can make sandwiches/ So make your thighs like butter, easy to spread/ And we can make sandwiches/ Out here on the dancefloor/ Come on we can do it/ We can make sandwiches." These comedic yet sexually evocative lyrics repeat endlessly for the song's duration as a few other musical elements are added. Its simplicity and repetitive nature make this song inescapable. Also included on The Mad Circus are two other pieces: Run/ Stop/ Restore's "Light My Fire (1999 Future Mix)" and Mas 2008's "Anitmaterie Materie." The first is a gimmicky remake of Jim Morrison's classic, done in a comical manner that just doesn't work; the other song by Mas 2008, illustrates the potent style of electro associated with the Twilight 76 parent label.