Jimi Hendrix

The Last 24 Hours

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Whenever a celebrity passes away, it seems like only a matter of time before a number of conspiracy theories soon follow. For years, many assumed that Jimi Hendrix died in 1970 from choking to death on his vomit after overdosing on barbiturates. But there is a whole group of people who believe that Hendrix was actually murdered, which serves as the basis for the hourlong documentary The Last 24 Hours. Along with interviews of several acquaintances and historians, the last few hours of Hendrix's life are reenacted by an Afro wig-wearing Jimi look-alike, with the scenes tending to be a bit overdramatic. Regardless, several theories are analyzed, with the main focus being on the possibility that Hendrix was murdered, and if so, by whom -- the FBI? The CIA? His manager? The Mafia? Which then leads to another important question: why would someone want Hendrix dead in the first place? One theory is that the FBI was growing weary of Hendrix's influence over his young and impressionable audience, especially after he aligned himself with the Black Panthers and played a benefit for the Chicago Seven. Another theory is that it was manager Michael Jeffrey who ordered the hit, while another chap believes that Jimi died not from choking on his vomit like the coroner's report stated, but that he was held down and red wine was forced down his throat. While not all of these theories hold water, fans looking for insight into Hendrix's death may find interesting bits here. Just don't expect the clear-cut answer.