The Kingston Trio

The Kingston Trio at Large/Here We Go Again! [Capitol]

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Few people today can imagine how popular the Kingston Trio was in its heyday. This folk trio landed on the Billboard charts, appeared on the cover of Life, and recorded a series of albums that sold millions. They won two Grammys and appeared on popular television programs like The Dinah Shore Show. With Elvis in the Army and rock & roll's popularity on the decline, the Kingston Trio filled the vacuum and set the folk revival in motion. Many of the factors that worked well on the Kingston Trio's early albums carry over on their third and forth efforts. Traditional folk songs like "Corey, Corey" and "Blow Ye Winds," along with Mexican-flavored material like "San Miguel," make appearances. The vocal and instrumental arrangements of a number of songs, like "A Worried Man," also remain intact. A number of changes, however, begin to emerge on the Kingston Trio's third release, At Large. Songs like the humorous "M.T.A." (about Boston subway fees) and "I Bawled" certainly qualify as folk songs, but lyrically seem less tied to tradition. Vocally, the group also began to sweeten its harmony on songs like "All My Sorrows" and "The Seine," reminding one of the Brothers Four. While some argue about the worth of these changes, many consider At Large to be the band's finest effort. It was also their only album to win a Grammy. At Large and Here We Go Again! capture the Kingston Trio early in their career, grounded in the success of their first albums and searching for new directions. Fans, folk revival enthusiasts, and the curious will enjoy this one.