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The Invisible Pyramid

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A fine double-disc collection of efforts from various reaches of the early 21st century psych/space rock/experimental wing of things worldwide, The Invisible Pyramid could almost be a soundtrack to a Terrastock (about half the acts have played at one of the festivals or another). Rather than the sweet garage pop side, though, this is very much the murkier and trippier end of things, with stalwarts like Makoto Kawabata, Charalambides, Flies Inside the Sun and Bardo Pond taking bows along with many others. F├╝rsaxa, whose series of low key but compelling efforts have already won her many accolades, turns in another entrancing effort with "Chartreuse My Green," her voice mixing with guitar and what sounds like an old squeezebox to create something both beautiful and mysterious. The the Iditarod takes even more of a cold and windswept (literally) turn with "Where the Cold Winds Blow," while Karl Precoda and Mike Gangloff have a moody winner in "John Dee's Dream," with piano, percussion and odd notes and whines sounding like an alien broadcast. Fans of full-on electronic zone and exploration will be plenty content with songs like Birchville Cat Motel's "Queen Flat Sheet," a slow building grinding slice of chaos, and typically fine efforts from Subarachnoid Space ("Honorable Mention,") and the rhythmic growl of Omit's "Dip." Reynols, perhaps unsurprisingly, have the winner in terms of sheer head-scratching, with a four part mini-epic called "Alclorse Mentalimo Camarion Maysa (Half of the End of the Infinite, Half of an Imaginary Potato with the sound of?)." Echo, muffled vocals, lots of drone and more besides make it an enjoyable headscratcher and a half. Avarus give them a run for things with "Rollien Planetta," however there's enough flanging to choke a horse and enough unidentifiable instruments to make you wonder.