Tangerine Dream

The Hollywood Years, Vol. 1

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Tangerine Dream has composed scores for dozens of films. The process of creating for the cinema always leaves the performer with loads of unused material. The Hollywood Years, Vol. 1 features unused soundtrack material composed and performed by Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese. (While they are credited with composing and performing, some of the material sounds very familiar, like it is from the lineup with Christopher Franke and Paul Haslinger.) Tangerine Dream's proliferation in this arena has yielded some excellent music that can stand on its own. It also has yielded, understandably, some uneven pieces and even some absolute losers. The Froeses handpicked this material and it is very good-to-excellent e-music. These pieces are able to stand alone without the movies to enhance them. There are no references to the movies. Indeed, some of the movies were never made and some of the soundtracks were rejected out of hand. Astute listeners will hear some familiar refrains and codas. This is a good representation of the versatility of Froese and Froese. The short tracks are catchy, with nice hooks and riffs. For Tangerine Dream fans, this is essential. For more casual collectors, it might be interesting.

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