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The High Speed Scene

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It's easy to believe that there's a lot of "Dude, you rock!" going on at every one of the High Speed Scene's post-show meet-and-greets. They do rock on their full-length debut, and judging from their California surfer/stoner lyrics, "dude" is the proper way to address this trio. By the time of their debut, the "Weezer but more rockin'" comparison was already a cliché, but it still works if you point out that the High Speed Scene probably get out a lot more. If Weezer has the whole liberal arts school behind them, the High Speed Scene appeal more to the business majors who look upon their bright future with just a touch of regret for lost innocence/irresponsibility. The opening "For the Kids" repeats its title over and over with urgency and enough irony to make you think these three "kids" are much older and jaded than the hedonists they're singing about. Totally '80s references to IROC-Zs and Oakley sunglasses pump up the time-warp factor of the album, taking the High Speed Scene into punkier Knack territory. You can choose either "Hottie" or "F**k & Spend" as their "Good Girls Don't," but their "My Sharonna" isn't to be found, at least not yet. There's enough promise among all this power party music to think the massive hit will soon come and jumping on the bandwagon now isn't such a bad idea. Hot production team the Neptunes signed them -- probably because of the band's crystal-clear but quirky style -- and dude, they rock. Quit taking your rock so seriously for 40 minutes and you won't be disappointed.

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