Rick Ray

The Guitarsonist

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Recording almost unaccompanied (Rick Schultz provides the only support on clarinet), Rick Ray has produced an album that showcases his remarkable guitar playing and melodic talents. It is based in a classic rock texture overall, but elements of progressive rock, jam music, and even jazz are common on the CD. The only real complaint here, other than the fact that it gets a bit weird at times, is the production. The sound feels a bit flat throughout. The interesting thing, though, is that the music still manages to shine through despite that. It is not a bad mix, really -- the sound is quite clear and crisp. It just doesn't "feel" quite like a "professional" recording. The music here is quite professional, though. It is well-thought-out and performed. The lyrics are mature and thought-provoking. Ray seems to feel that there are some issues in society that need to be addressed. It is refreshing to hear a musician who really cares about both issues and musical integrity. You might not like everything on the CD, but you have to respect those two elements.