Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky

The Grand Partition, And the Abrogation of Idolatry

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Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky sounds like the artsy (some would say "pretentious") name of either a screamo/post-hardcore/melodic hardcore band or a screamo/post-hardcore/melodic hardcore album, but in fact, there isn't a trace of screamo to be found on Grand Partition. This 2009 release is death metal all the way -- specifically, death metal of the American variety. The United States, of course, was a major player in death metal back in the late '80s and early '90s, but after that, the Scandinavian countries came to dominate death metal -- which isn't to say that death metal ever ceased to exist in the United States. Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky are from Florida, a state that played a crucial role in early death metal thanks to pioneers like Death, Obituary, and Deicide. Grand Partition isn't in a class with the best recordings that Florida death metal has had to offer, but it is a decent example of the take-no-prisoners approach. Those who like their extreme metal with a lot of nuance and melody won't find it here; Grand Partition shows no awareness of the melodic death metal or symphonic black metal styles, and SWWAATS love going for the jugular. All the stereotypical characteristics of death metal -- Cookie Monster growling vocals, ultra-fast tempos, morbid lyrics, claustrophobic density -- are part of the picture on Grand Partition, which doesn't hesitate to pummel and batter the listener without mercy. The material isn't groundbreaking or distinctive, and SWWAATS are quite predictable. Nonetheless, death metal purists will appreciate the sheer intensity of the performances and will find Grand Partition to be a competent example of death metal, American style.

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