The Walk-Ins

The Fifth Season

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The Walk-Ins hail from Cleveland, Ohio, and this is more or less their introduction to the world at large, handed out at the New Music Seminar and sent out here and there. It's a nicely produced debut EP, and they're an interesting band, blending folky elements with rock. Vocalist Anne-Marie Kovach has one of those classic folk voices that manages to be alternately sultry and soaring; not the greatest range, but she stays on key and sounds as though she's having a good time. The band includes a violinist, Edward Caner, who provides a nice extra dimension to their sound, while Christopher Keffer's bass is nice and clear -- it sounds as though he's playing a Rickenbacker, going by the sound. Drummer Richard Masarik is a little on the pedestrian side, tending to overuse crash cymbals during more intense passages -- a detriment to the overall sound, especially when this happens during bridges and choruses. Guitarist Tim Pevec provides rhythm support for the most part, never being out front enough to be noticed. They still need to do some fine-tuning, but they're well on the way to becoming a solid (if probably second-string regional) band with the potential for some worthwhile output. "Sound Of The Dark" on this 7-track mini album is a good start. For one thing, you barely hear Masarik's beloved crash cymbals... (The Walk-Ins, P.O. Box 35234, Cleveland, OH 44135)