The Dynamo Duo

Inez & Charlie Foxx

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The Dynamo Duo Review

by Richie Unterberger

Dynamo was the name of the Musicor subsidiary for which Inez & Charlie Foxx did most of their late-'60s recordings, and this collects a couple dozen tracks the duo cut for Musicor/Dynamo from 1966-1969. Their Dynamo output was more consistent than what they had recorded for Sue, thanks in part to input from producer Luther Dixon, who was married to Inez Foxx at the time. However, there was no outstanding single on the order of "Mockingbird" during their time with the label, and the pair still often sounded like a lesser, more pop-oriented version of Ike & Tina Turner. This is respectable but somewhat middling New York soul with, as was true of much of the city's 1960s soul output, a slicker sheen to the production than soul product from most other regions. On "I Love You 1,000 Times," they seem to be trying to mimic 1963-1964 Motown, and although they don't do so badly, that's a strategy doomed to failure. The comparison to the Turners bobs higher above the surface in the bluesy and sultry "I Stand Accused"/"Guilty" medley, one of the disc's highlights. A lowlight, however, is the outrageous 1968 medley of "Vaya Con Dios"/"Fellows in Vietnam," in which the traditional song turns into a rap about the Vietnam War. Just as you're getting all set for a protest or at least moving commentary, it builds into a plea for us to encourage American soldiers to get out of their foxholes and "kill another enemy to set us free, and to keep us free" -- not the sort of sentiment that could be heartily endorsed for a conflict that took so many needless lives, a disproportionate amount of whom (on the U.S. side) were African-Americans. This CD is preferable to a prior compilation of the Foxxes' Musicor/Dynamo work, Count the Days, as this has four more tracks, including a 1969 Inez Foxx solo effort, "You Shouldn't Have Set My Soul on Fire." Be cautioned that the version of "Mockingbird" is not the original 1963 hit single, but a 1968 remake with strings.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:39 Amazon
2 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:22 Amazon
3 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:58 Amazon
4 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:35 Amazon
5 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:17 Amazon
6 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:51 Amazon
7 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:04 Amazon
8 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:41 Amazon
9 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:40 Amazon
10 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:10 Amazon
11 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:12 Amazon
12 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:15 Amazon
13 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:49 Amazon
14 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:24 Amazon
15 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:38 Amazon
16 Inez & Charlie Foxx 04:18 Amazon
17 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:44 Amazon
18 Inez & Charlie Foxx 03:14 Amazon
19 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:33 Amazon
Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:56 Amazon
21 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:48 Amazon
22 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:43 Amazon
23 Inez & Charlie Foxx feat: Inez Foxx 03:07 Amazon
24 Inez & Charlie Foxx 02:47 Amazon
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