Seasick Crocodile

The Destructive Act of Embarrassing Myself

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On The Destructive Act of Embarrassing Myself, Robbie Lawson of the Boyish Charms finally put his Seasick Crocodile solo project to CD. After the release of Seasick Crocodile cassettes, Red Square Records released the disc in 2002. The disc's 17 songs unveil a young musician's boundless creativity, giving Lawson an opportunity to experiment with the acoustic side of his musical personality. Opening with the acoustic and somber "Beginnings," the disc quickly changes pace with the brief instrumental "Fading." Most of the tracks include acoustic guitar with modest amounts of extras. A jolly piano line on "Wet Infant Discovers Electricity" and the synthesizers on "My Gentle Crip" hint at Lawson's experimental side. His smooth, genial vocals are the highlight of the disc, with his powerful ability to express lighthearted sensitivity (on "Sending Smiles From Across the Country") and obviously personal issues (on "Oh God Keep Them Safe"). He eloquently chastises the listener on "You Cannot Outsmart Your Pain," and he subtly reflects on the disc's final track, "Endings." The Destructive Act of Embarrassing Myself was recorded near Lawson's home in San Diego, CA, with the help of Lawson's musician friends, including Cam Jones of the Boyish Charms, Raoul de la Cruz of Casino Ashtrays and Winnebago, Gabe Saucedo of Red Pony Clock, and Laura Watling.