Amazing Transparent Man

The Death of the Party

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The Death of the Party Review

by Brian O'Neill

When Amazing Transparent Man asks, "Why do emo kids always have to be so damn sad/Is it something at school or is it your mom and dad" on "For Christ's Sake," before going in for the kill during the chorus, wondering aloud if the life of emo youth "is just one big f*cking trend," you either admire the DeKalb, IL, kids for alienating their potential audience, or view it as an, er, transparent attempt at irony. Perhaps it's more accurately irony, as The Death of the Party perfectly apes the aforementioned big trends, specifically Blink-182's school of bratty, whiny, snotty, pipsqueak vocals atop melodic, paint-by-numbers punk-pop that is almost as annoying as the original. At least Blink-182 occasionally turns a clever phrase; with Amazing Transparent Man, the broken clock isn't even right twice a day, unless you somehow feel that naming songs "The Ocean Is a Fuck of a Long Way to Swim" or "Phones Are Dumb" is exceptionally adroit.

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