The Nines

The Death of AM Radio

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Good rock is like good fishing. Drop the line, set the hook, and pull in your desired quarry. Whether the "fish" be a lost love, a new love, a love you'd like to lose, or simply a good time, the line and hook are key to a successful outing. Amid the angst-ridden clamor of modern alt rock, there are still a few numbers that are reminders of what rock came from and what (in the minds and hearts of a staunch community) it still should be. The Nines are one such band. Taking not even three minutes to hook, line, and sink listeners, this Boston trio offers quick musical trips to familiar sites ranging from love won to love lost, with a titular tribute to what music once was slipped in for variety's sake. Combining the classic sounds of the Ramones, early Beatles, and a number of other bands (e.g., the Dave Clark Five), the Nines keep the flame of truly classic rock alive with their simple, stripped, power trio crunch and yell. The Nines have changed lineups a couple of times in recent years and have released two earlier EPs, but if the third time's a charm, the Nines should have it all squared up.