The Adicts

The Complete Singles Collection

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With their image borrowed from the film A Clockwork Orange and a vocalist in clown white-face named Monkey, the Adicts were doomed to be consigned to the second-rate punk rock bin and left to die. Fortunately, the band persevered and released some of punk's most beloved recordings, especially when punk was no longer in vogue with the record-buying public. Although each of their albums contains some extraordinarily fun stuff, this 24-track collection would be the best starting point for the casual listener. Comparisons are difficult since the Adicts are one-of-a-kind, but they approach their punk craft seriously while remaining lightheartedly fun. From the opening track, the brief but infectious "This Week," to the closer, "Cowboys," the Adicts bring so much to their sonic attack that it is hard to avoid them. "Joker in the Pack" contains wicked fiddle playing alongside the chugging guitars. "Viva la Revolution," one of their early anthems, features predominately played acoustic guitars in the mix. "Steamroller," "Chinese Takeaway," "Shake Rattle Bang Your Head," and "Organized Confusion" are instantly infectious singalong anthems, as are plenty more tracks here. Even during their "difficult" period in the mid-'80s when they experimented with synths ("Falling in Love Again" and the Fifth Overture album), the songs were still top-notch (and the band still stuck to their punk stance on the B-sides anyway). As their name suggests, this is addicting music indeed.

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