The Birth


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The Birth Review

by Matt Conaway

After delivering one of 1998's strongest underground releases, Rasco returns with a teasing six-track EP -- The Birth is not only the name of Rasco's latest brain child, but also marks the birth of his creative independence and the first release of his newly founded label. Unleashing his rhymes with the precision of a drill sergeant commando, "Back on the Scene" and "Return of the MC" re-establish Rasco's insatiable quest to rid the planet of spineless MCs. But this EP's most fruitful moments come courtesy of the Cali Agents (Rasco and Planet Asia). Asia's complicated rhyme schemes and Rasco's braggadocio lyrics are a combustible and well-rounded combination. Rasco is, in every sense of the word, a throwback -- a no frills, all skills battle-rhymer -- and his personality is compelling enough to keep his limited subject matter from wearing thin. While his methodical formula is unspectacular, it is sufficient enough to keep listeners entertained.