Stan Ridgway

The Big Heat

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Will the real Wall of Voodoo please stand up? Thanks, Stan, you can sit down now. Great to have two of them, but if we really think about it, Ridgway's strange voice, so unlikely in an underground hit band, seemed like the most singular element of an already unusual group. And with another fine tune to wrap that strange voice around, like "The Big Heat" (if you all are not familiar with the famous film noir movie of that name, as this singer clearly is from his many interviews over the years, it's great), one is transported back to the fun of hearing The Call of the West, or, if you are more of a radio person, the ubiquitous "Mexican Radio" for the first time and fixating on the otherworldly vocals, like something coming out of the scrub brush in the Mojave desert. Hope he has more of this in his solo career; Voodoo will never be the same without him.