The Best of Marillion

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AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek

This 18-track best-of collection by Marillion is as good as a one-disc set can be, divided neatly into two halves according to vocalist, with the Fish era followed neatly and wonderfully by the current band fronted by Steven Hogarth. Fans will either delight or be infuriated by the way this compilation was edited. For starters, there are many radio edits and 7" versions as opposed to full-length album titles here -- hence the 18 tracks even though Marillion is not known to favor brevity. For instance, there is single edit of "Garden Party," along with either 7" versions or edits of virtually every 45 issued during the Fish era (only "Incommunicado" is untouched from this period and "Sympathy," "No One Can," and "Cover My Eyes" from the Hogarth tenure). That said, hearing these songs in this context -- especially the very powerful single read of "Kayleigh" -- run together along with the stunning material issued by the band after Fish's departure is almost revelatory. For those confounded by Marillion's success in the punk and post-punk era and continued longevity worldwide -- outside the Philistine U.S. -- check out the band's singles. They have everything: drama, imagination, great lyrics, and very inspired and inspiring performances. This is a solid, breathtaking collection of music that clocks in at over 75 minutes. It's a fantastic introduction for the curious punter put off by all those double CDs, and also a useful tool for reaffirmation and reconsideration by fans.

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Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Marillion 04:34 Amazon
2 Marillion 03:38 Amazon
3 Marillion 03:36 Amazon
4 Marillion 03:43 Amazon
5 Marillion 03:37 Amazon
6 Marillion 03:58 Amazon
7 Marillion 05:01 Amazon
8 Marillion 04:24 Amazon
9 Marillion 02:56 Amazon
10 Marillion 04:31 Amazon
11 Marillion 03:54 Amazon
12 Marillion 04:42 Amazon
13 Marillion 04:04 Amazon
14 Marillion 03:26 Amazon
15 Marillion 04:29 Amazon
16 Marillion 04:23 Amazon
17 Marillion 03:36 Amazon
18 Marillion 04:17 Amazon
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