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The Best of Kylie Minogue

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About every five years or so, Kylie Minogue releases another hits collection. This isn't such a strange phenomenon since many artists repackage or re-release their hits at regular intervals to make some money or keep their name semi-relevant, but what's unique about Kylie is that she actually needs a new collection every five years to keep up with the hits she cranks out. Starting in 1988, she's been making breezy, sexy, and fun music that started off as disposable dance pop that was critically reviled (but much beloved by record buyers), but as time went on and her style shifted, the critics came onboard as well. As of 2012, when The Best of Kylie Minogue was released, she was still going strong. This new set collects a fair amount of songs, 21 total, from all periods of her career, mixing them together with no regard from time-frame or style. It's an interesting choice that doesn't always work (her iffy cover of Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" makes no sense next to her sultry electro-pop jam "Slow" for example), but at the very least, it shows just how powerful a singer she's been since the beginning, and if you've followed her all along, it's nice to hear 1990's "Better the Devil You Know" next to 2010's "All the Lovers" and realize that Kylie has never been less than a perfect pop star. Unlike those who chase every trend or desperately seek stardom because they seem to need it to stay alive, Kylie's continued success is down to her unerringly classy approach and the choice of collaborators. This collection is proof that Kylie is arguably the best pop singer of her era and more importantly, is fun from beginning to end. Make sure to check back in five years for the next installment.

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1 3:52
2 3:27
3 3:22
4 3:58
5 3:19
6 4:18
7 3:52
8 3:19
9 3:06
10 3:57
11 3:14
12 4:19
13 3:20
14 3:32
15 4:26
16 3:39
17 3:13
18 2:28
20 3:32
21 3:20
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