Pete Best

The Beatle That Time Forgot

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In an attempt to cash in on the Beatles' fame, Pete Best formed a band in 1964 (known as the Pete Best Combo) from the ashes of Lee Curtis and the Allstars, the band he joined after being asked to leave the Beatles. Pete recorded several singles and one album during this time, none of which sold particularly well, and would not be remembered if not for his connection to the Beatles. This particular release features a couple of the singles, as well as unreleased material from the album sessions. It is a rather short affair, offering only eight tracks, and not the best Pete had ever done. There are no outstanding tracks, as each song just seems to roll to the next. Some of the material is interesting, but overall it is bland Liverpool beat music. All but one track ("Rock and Roll Music") were written by band members Tony Waddington and Wayne Bickerton, who later went on to be in-house writers for Decca Records.

An album really only a Beatle completist would want or need.