The Art of Modern/Primitive Guitar

Shawn Persinger

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The Art of Modern/Primitive Guitar Review

by Stewart Mason

The full artist credit on the cover of The Art of Modern-Primitive Guitar is "Shawn Persinger Is Prester John." One thinks automatically of John Fahey's early alter ego Blind Joe Death, and even a cursory listen suggests that one is meant to. Classically trained but with a polyglot sensibility that covers folk, rock and avant-garde composers as well, Persinger combines his various influences in a way that's unique but never tediously "difficult." Other possible influences that come to mind while listening to this 19-track, 45-minute album include Henry Kaiser and the gentler side of Fred Frith. The Art of Modern-Primitive Guitar is a pleasant, occasionally fascinating listen, but sometimes Persinger's brief pieces feel more like sketches than properly completed compositions. The best tracks, like "Matthieu's Accurate Portrait (Grotesque)," are charming instrumental explorations, but some of the shorter pieces tease the listener with the suggestion of an intriguing rhythmic or melodic idea that's over before it can be fully enjoyed.

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1 Shawn Persinger 00:48 Amazon
2 Shawn Persinger 01:45 Amazon
3 Shawn Persinger 02:27 Amazon
4 Shawn Persinger 03:10 Amazon
5 Shawn Persinger 02:26 Amazon
6 Shawn Persinger 01:33 Amazon
7 Shawn Persinger 03:17 Amazon
8 Shawn Persinger 01:09 Amazon
9 Shawn Persinger 02:57 Amazon
10 Shawn Persinger 04:01 Amazon
11 Shawn Persinger 02:05 Amazon
12 Shawn Persinger 06:20 Amazon
13 Shawn Persinger 02:36 Amazon
14 Shawn Persinger 02:09 Amazon
15 Shawn Persinger 02:01 Amazon
16 Shawn Persinger 02:04 Amazon
17 Shawn Persinger 01:03 Amazon
18 Shawn Persinger 03:15 Amazon
19 Shawn Persinger 00:21 Amazon
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