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The Tephra EP features Robert Hood drastically reworking three songs from the Atlantis album on Tresor, transforming the pieces into DJ-friendly material. The original versions of "Tephra," "Hagia Triada," and "Seduction of Europa" were short and not of much use to DJs with their fractured structuring and scrambled rhythms. Robert Hood reworks the sounds from these songs, looping the aquatic sounds of X-103. The looped nature of the songs works great for DJs trying to mix records and also works well for anyone looking for a rhythm to latch onto. Yet for as much as Hood does to rework these songs, he cannot escape the alien sounds originally used by X-103. The sounds are far from traditional and much unlike anything else found within the greater canon of techno, which makes them unique but also quite inaccessible, perhaps even ugly. Of course, anyone in search of such odd sounds and equally strange song construction should find this release favorable. But for the majority of listeners, the X-103 material may be simply too weird for its own good, no matter how well it's recomposed.