La Primavera

Telemann: Trios & Concerto

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Telemann: Trios & Concerto Review

by James Manheim

The young musicians emerging from the vigorous historical-performance education programs of northwestern Europe have increasingly often turned to the vast body of chamber music by Georg Philipp Telemann, intent on raising his reputation from that of prolific scribbler to something resembling the esteem in which he was held in his own time. This delightful disc will help in the enterprise, for the Dutch-based group La Primavera brings to Telemann's music a clarity that illuminates the kaleidoscopic textures and the sheer imaginative fun of his music. These chamber pieces are long on charm and never really weighty. But they break through the generic boundaries of the day -- consider the first and third works on the album, where the harpsichord is emancipated from its role as accompanimental instrument. And they are full of moves that break up the texture for no other reason than to offer sensuous delight -- in this music, one hears the style that would be called galant as it takes shape. The players of La Primavera bring all this out admirably. The harpsichord's changing roles are sensitively elucidated by Menno van Delft, and the recorder of Clémence Comte, here as elsewhere, is a marvel of intonational accuracy, both in itself and in its incorporation into complex ensemble textures. The balance among the instruments is remarkably precise throughout, and the overall impression is one of ease attained through sustained effort. Highly recommended, for anything from a garden party to a serious collection focusing on late Baroque style, and extra points for the fanciful flora and fauna (watch out for the roach) that decorate the booklet.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Trio for recorder, harpsichord & continuo in B flat major (Essercizii Musici No. 8/16), TWV42:B4
1 La Primavera 02:32 Amazon
2 La Primavera 01:56 Amazon
3 La Primavera 02:42 Amazon
4 La Primavera 01:57 Amazon
Trio for recorder (or flute), violin & continuo in A minor, "Gypsy Sonata" (Essercizii Musici No. 5/10), TWV 42:a4
5 La Primavera 02:27 Amazon
6 La Primavera 02:32 Amazon
7 La Primavera 02:40 Amazon
8 La Primavera 03:14 Amazon
Trio for viola da gamba, harpsichord & continuo in G major (Essercizii Musici No. 2/4), TWV 42:G6
9 La Primavera 02:37 Amazon
10 La Primavera 02:05 Amazon
11 La Primavera 04:30 Amazon
12 La Primavera 01:42 Amazon
Sonata for recorder, oboe & continuo in A minor, TWV 42:a6
13 La Primavera 02:31 Amazon
14 La Primavera 01:36 Amazon
15 La Primavera 02:49 Amazon
16 La Primavera 03:21 Amazon
Trio for recorder, viola da gamba & continuo in F major (Essercizii musici No. 7/14), TWV 42:F3
17 La Primavera 02:57 Amazon
18 La Primavera 01:44 Amazon
19 La Primavera 02:42 Amazon
Sonata for flute, violin & continuo in F minor, TWV 42:f2
20 La Primavera 02:34 Amazon
21 La Primavera 01:40 Amazon
La Primavera 01:29 Amazon
23 La Primavera 01:46 Amazon
Quartet for flute, oboe, violin & continuo in A minor, TWV 43:a3
24 La Primavera 03:22 Amazon
25 La Primavera 01:56 Amazon
26 La Primavera 01:53 Amazon
27 La Primavera 04:30 Amazon
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