Tegomasu no Ai

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AllMusic Review by Adam Greenberg

A promotional duo for boy band uber-label Johnny's Entertainment, Tegomass is a stripped-down version of the boy band News with a special mission to perform and release albums internationally. Tegomass no Ai is a mini-album (somewhere between an EP and a full-length) with a handful of new tracks in preparation for some upcoming release. The set opens with "Neiro", an overly-happy track with saxophones blazing behind simplistic pop deliveries. There's a fairly simple ballad following this that makes use of a nice combined vocal line while sounding a bit like some of the more modern vocal ensembles (such as Greeeen). They veer wildly between attempting to sound respectable and emotional and sounding hyperactive with a forced-happiness infusion. With "Cheetah Gorilla Orangutan", the sound is sludgy, chaotic, and poppy all at once. The duo moves back to a solid ballad just before finishing off the album, then springs an oddly syncopated bit of exotica and electronica in "Chu Chu Chu". The chorus ruins the sound and turns it back into sappy pop with a Brazilian bent, but there's a hint of musical interest in there. This is the rough metaphor for the full album -- it's sappy, pepped-up pop, but there's a hint of musical interest in there. The listener just has to find it.