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Teachers Pet

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Teacher's Pet Review

by William York

Akron, OH band Teacher's Pet never recorded an album during their brief existence during the late '70s, but that says more about how much harder it was for bands to make records then as opposed to when this CD was released in 2008. The bar was simply higher in that era. This hyperactive, snotty quartet may not rate with the Dead Boys, Pere Ubu, or the Electric Eels as A-list Ohio punk legends, but the music here holds up well three decades on, even if it is very much of its era at the same time. This disc contains 15 songs -- eight originals and seven covers, including Sex Pistols leftover "Lonely Boy," Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," and British beerhall singalong (via Herman's Hermits) "I'm Henry VIII I Am." Among the original songs, highlights include the Ramones-y "Cincinnati Stomp," the instantly catchy "Teenage Suicide," and the jittery "Hooked on You" (one of several abruptly titled songs here, along with "Can't Do That" and "Don't Need You"). There are no ballads or slow songs, and every song is topped off by a gaudy layer of synth or Farfisa organ. This music is not rocket science, but it is a lot of fun, as well as being a reminder of a lost (and more innocent) era.