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They call their music "tambo" -- a variation of tango and "tambor," and intended to be a sort of throwback to 19th century black music mixed with Spanish rhythms. It is a mixture of African beats and jazz, funk, and dance music, in a mishmash that attractively carries itself through 11 tunes. You know when one of the pieces is called "Blue Footed Boobies" that there is going to be some fun, and there is. The results are somewhat different than what might be expected from the Splasc(h) record label, which usually focuses on straight-ahead and avant-garde jazz. While ElectriCity is an Italian band, the versatile and diverse nature of the compositions and arrangements cannot help but pique the listener's interest. Heavy on the electric components, some tunes are reminiscent of late Miles, but each track is slightly different stylistically. There is even a touch of so-called smooth jazz, with some attractive improvisations thrown in. Trombonist Frederic Luzignant adds a pithy solo or two, while guitarist Marco Ciancaglini is well-documented throughout. This is "popular" music in the broadest sense: It might disappoint jazz purists, but it should find some appreciative ears in the pop-jazz crowd. While there are times when melodies drift above a rocking drum beat, and others where the sound is a bit cliché-ridden, these are generally the exception, and the tight group sound and surging waves of rhythm attractively exploit the genres.