Stevie Wonder

Talking Book/Music of My Mind

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The year 1972 was unquestionably magical for one of soul music's most gifted artists, as Stevie Wonder released two of his most important works within seven months of one another. The first release was March's Music of My Mind (featured second on this two-fer), which saw Wonder dealing with new electronics and textures not previously used on his records, and foreshadowed elements to come in terms of musicianship, compositional skills, and studio wizardry. The first 18 minutes of Music of My Mind are essential, definitive Stevie Wonder, with two epic jams courtesy of "Love Having You Around" and "Superwoman" along with the gorgeous love song "I Love Every Little Thing About You." And while many of these tracks are rock solid, it was October's Talking Book that sent Wonder into the stratosphere and solidified his position among the top soul artists of all time. Here Wonder is in fine form from start to finish, with no missteps that often plague his full-length records. And while he would go on to release one classic album after another, these two records were the ramp up to a career that would go a million miles an hour and seem unstoppable for the remainder of the decade.