The Young Fresh Fellows

Take It Like a Matador: Live in Spain

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One of the best comments regarding the Young Fresh Fellows is that they don't take their humor seriously. Nowhere is this aspect of their collective personality more clearly on display than on Take It Like a Matador: Live in Spain, a raucous, comical, spirited, and rockin' date recorded at the Revolver Club in Madrid on May 7, 1993. Opening with the oldie "Rock & Roll Pest Control," the Fellows hit the stage like a speedball of red wine and hard candy, proceeding to plow through favorites like "Taco Wagon" (a surprise college radio hit), the encouraging "I Don't Let the Little Things Get Me Down," and, of course, "The Young Fresh Fellows Theme." Frequent breaks for fermented beverages and requests for sugar are documented, as are the many in-jokes ("The Do You Care Theme" is played repeatedly) that can only come from a group of friends who have been performing together as long as these fellows have. Even though the group would go on hiatus soon after (chief Scott McCaughey entered the R.E.M. fold as a sideman the following year), this does not sound like a band on its last legs, though those legs are a little wobbly. Curiously, not one song is reprised from their two previous studio albums, and "Amy Grant" is notably absent, but the maximum fun that is a Young Fresh Fellows show is captured here, rendering Take It Like a Matador: Live in Spain a worthy souvenir of that rock & roll excitement.