Take Care to Fall

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AllMusic Review by Charlie Wilmoth

Drekka's debut, a marriage of lo-fi indie rock songs and howling noise, is as successful as it is unlikely. Its four-tracked songs, replete with unsure vocals and weird cutoffs, are similar to Freed Man-era Sebadoh, although Drekka is more repetitive and dreamlike and less self-pitying. Its noise-plus-songs aesthetic is also similar to Flying Saucer Attack's, but much of Drekka's charm comes from its amateurism. Drekka's songs often begin with only a mournful vocal and a tiny guitar or synth figure, played repeatedly and ineptly. Then, usually, Michael Anderson smothers them with a blanket of white noise. On paper, this process might seem similar to that of early Jesus & Mary Chain, but Drekka's music feels more disorienting and urgent: The songs on Take Care to Fall feel like the hazy details of a bad dream and sound like home-taped indie rock played underwater. Fans of similarly cheaply recorded psych musicians such as Roy Montgomery and early Space Needle will surely appreciate Take Care to Fall.

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