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Funker Vogt had been demanding attention in the electro-industrial genre for several years prior to this 2000 release, and the double-CD T continues this trend for the two-piece band. An interesting and diverse release for the duo, T's diversity comes from its four flavors -- distinct sections with their own tones. NeuZeit is the first, consisting of four original songs. The new material is classic Funker Vogt, but with the dance aspect turned way up -- stronger bass, more pitch bending, solid beats, aggressive electro melody, and vocals. This may make NeuZeit more accessible to new listeners to the genre. While these songs may not achieve the cult status of "Tragic Hero" or "Gunman," NeuZeit is varied in sound and marks an interesting new direction. At times the sound seems to take on a hint of smoothness reminiscent of the Funker Vogt side project Ravenous, providing contrast to an otherwise constant beat. MachinenZeit and TraumZeit are Funker Vogt remixing the duo's previous material. MachinenZeit is a collection of harder-edged remixes, using more rigid structures and more metallic sounds to create the "machine" theme. This works very well for some songs, especially the favorite "Black Market Dealers." TraumZeit is more fluid, and perhaps darker. The dance beats give way to more temperate rhythms. In either case, these remixes are engaging in their own right as additions to the Funker Vogt catalog. EndZeit features remixes by other artists, including Das Ich, L'ame Immortelle, and Beborn Beton, bringing their own sounds to the material. While these artists are of high caliber, the remixes aren't of the same insight as MachinenZeit and TraumZeit, making the second CD listenable, but not as fulfilling as the first. Overall, T is another strong release from this band, a mix of old and new that provides a good overview of the Funker Vogt discography, with interest for fans and new listeners alike.

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