Zero Ohms


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Richard J. Roberts performs and records gentle atmospheric ambience as Zero Ohms. Supreme-Infinite-Essence is his second CD on his own Zop Opus label. Robert Rich mastered the CD at Soundscape Productions. Roberts' forte is electronic minimalism and this CD is full of deep drones, expansive atmospheres, and foggy soundscapes. The drones come from many sources. He uses flutes, singing bowls, synths, and a soprano sax to set a slow pace. He also has a sense of humor. The liner notes give short synopses of the compositions. The description for "Scientists Falling in Love" reads: "Monstrous mutant insects can only be defeated by scientists who are falling in love." That humor is reflected in the gentle music. There is no overt scherzo, but the ebb and flow of the soundscape reveals Roberts' good nature. This CD will appeal to fans of Jeff Pearce, James Johnson, Darshan Ambient, and Brannan Lane. It is an important CD for collectors of electronic music.