Genocide SS / Genocide Superstar

Superstar Destroyer

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Superstar Destroyer picks up where its predecessor, We Are Born of Hate, left off, serving of 14 more tracks of crusty, slightly cartoon-ish garage-punk-metal inspired by the likes of Discharge, Motorhead, and the Misfits. This band is not out to topple new standards of originality, but what they do, they do well--in fact, this album is a slight improvement over We Are Born.... The production here is slightly less harsh and abrasive, but it's still not slick, and the guitars have a nice thick, grainy distortion sound that suits the music well. The songwriting is a lot more memorable this time around, too, at some points actually approaching what you could call "catchy"--"Air/A Prelude to Hell" even has the guitars harmonizing in a major key for a brief moment (!). Otherwise, you can expect plenty of curse words, double-time drum beats, shouted choruses about riding motorcycles and breaking stuff, and short song lengths. This album should please fans of their earlier efforts, and could even win over some listeners who find the retro-biker-punk image of Genocide Superstars' (and other likeminded bands, e.g., Nashville Pussy to be limiting or even just kind of dumb. In other words, nice work.

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