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It has been six years since the debut disc by the Other Two (The Other Two & You), an off-shoot band from New Order featuring Gillian Gilbert and Steven Morris. Their first album has a very strong pop music feel; while pleasant enough, it is not a brilliant record. Six years and many struggles later this album appeared. It seems that this was a difficult album to release. It had been recorded for over a year before its release date, and two singles that were earmarked to precede it were canceled without explanation. One single, the wonderful title track "Super Highways," did make it the public, but it was as difficult as the album was to find in stores. That's a shame, since this album is stunning -- absolutely brilliant, with incredible hook-filled melodies, mesmerizing vocals (some tracks featuring the incredible Melanie Williams), and tight production. It may not be as accessible as their first, but given the repeated listenings it demands, the album proves rewarding. While the music has some New Order overtones, the Other Two have created their own sound, much like Electronic managed to do on their third release. New Order fans will enjoy the music, but it is different enough to keep non-New Order fans interested as well. The basis of the music remains in the pop category, but this time around, it is more aggressive. Complete with dance beats approaching and sounds mixed into the music, it is all there for your exploration. In a just world, this album would top the charts and be available wherever CDs are sold; It hasn't, and it isn't, but it is well-worth the search. You will not be disappointed.

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