Summer 2002 Tour

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This two-CD bootleg was recorded live at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City on August 11, 2002, in the midst of Arthur Lee's first US tour following his release from a lengthy prison stint. Though billed as Love with Arthur Lee, this isn't the Love that played with Lee back in the day; none of the members save Lee were in Love in the 1960s. While the band credibly emulates the recorded arrangements of more than a dozen songs from Love's '60s albums, there are several major problems that keep this from being of much use either as an historical document or as a worthwhile listening experience. Most importantly, the sound quality kind of sucks; sounding as if it was recorded from the audience on Walkman-type equipment. Lee's vocals -- probably the aspect of the show that fans would most want to hear -- are, unfortunately, the worst-recorded component of the audio, coming through faintly at times and never in robust depth at the best of times. Nor do Lee's vocals boast the power and range that they did in his early career, though they're not as bad as some reports of the tour had it. This souvenir is one for the ultra-faithful, and judging from the enthusiastic audience response on this recording, there are certainly a few who'll put up with such a warts-and-all document, even down to Lee's occasional between-song rants and stories.