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Sugarpil Remixes

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Meant as a remix album for the previous record's "Sugarpil," the extreme changes made to the track make this more of a sophomore effort than a collection of slightly rearranged mixes. Several extra songs are included with the various remixes, which helps avoid any repetition that may creep in. Highlights include the humorous "Fu2K," which takes the steam out of the hysteria surrounding the turn of the century and transforms it into a groovy techno track. "Prison Chix on Pluto" is a campy sci-fi audio play set to music, as entertaining as a Charles Band movie and just as self-consciously goofy as that comparison would suggest. And "Point Zero Three (Tiger)" paves the way for the Twilight Babies with their first real collaboration with future bandmate Alison Lewis. Jazzy, smooth, and sensual, it sets the blueprint for the group's work with her on the Babies' record and makes for an awesome extra track to boot. The remixes of "Sugarpil" sound like different songs altogether, ripping the various elements from the original track and putting them back together in all sorts of creatively bizarre ways. The sample-heavy "Sugarpil (Lysergic)" takes its delirious audio clips from vintage '50s films and records, resulting in a clever and smarmy composition that may stand as the best reinterpretation found here. "Sugarpil (Carebears Vs. Werebears)" also stands out by just being intensely and unabashedly weird, much more so than the other remixes. Although it doesn't have the cohesive beauty or warm approach of the group's debut, Sugarpil Remixes is a fun and energetic album that shows off their ambitious side.

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