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Subconsciousness takes ambient music in new directions, away from dub basslines and hovering tones towards the digital manipulation of sound -- twisting, mutating, re-formatting, convulsing, and imploding the texture and timbre of various tones. Hidden behind the moniker Neina, Japanese producer Hosomi Sakana disregards traditional tools for creating electronic music such as samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers; without any of these tools to create the sounds most associated with ambient electronic music, Sakana presents the listener with entirely new sounds. These highly textured sounds never remain stagnant or hovering, instead always kept in motion, continually morphing into a distinctly new sound. Often sounds overlap one another, but rarely do the sounds drop down into the low bass frequencies, assuring little work for one's subwoofer. Yet for as much as Sakana tries -- and succeeds to a certain extent -- to break new ground in the field of ambient electronic music with his brilliant knack for creating unheard sounds, he doesn't stumble upon anything overly beautiful. Sure, his sounds are rather fascinating with their non-linear movements and are also undoubtedly soothing, but he never crosses the line from interesting to fascinating. Artists such as Gas and albums such as Plastikman's Consumed cross this line, creating not so much music as strange audio realms characterized only by disorientated states of mind and surreal senses of feeling. Unfortunately, Sakana's music never magically crawls down one's spine or inexplicably incites forgotten emotions; instead the artist tries to interest your mind with his insane ability to manipulate sound, which is no doubt worthy of praise, but one wishes it could make a stronger appeal to one's emotions.

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