Studio Recordings, Vol. 1

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F.R.U.I.T.S. is Alexei Borisov and P. Jaquin. A complex character, Borisov has touched on a lot of genres, from conceptual laptop improv to underground techno. This duo creates music lying somewhere between industrial sound collage and academic musique concrète. It has the rich palette and obvious audio research of electro-acoustics, but also an immediacy, even a punkish attitude only striving (or starving) underground artists can express. Studio Recordings, Vol. 1 culls four works, each 15 minutes or more in duration, recorded in 1992-1993. And they are good -- surprisingly good. They don't revolutionize the genre (especially considering the time elapsed before their first release), but they manage to captivate from beginning to end. "Lemon Skin" concludes on an irresistible buildup, but the best piece is "Public Papier Maché," thanks to a subtle touch of melancholia that gives it a different, warmer color. It is a pity this album was released on CD-R without a proper booklet or liner notes. It deserves to put in context with a more luxurious presentation. At least the title indicates there are more pieces like these waiting in the vaults for their turn to see the sun.