Ramona Wulf

Strip to the Heart

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Dropping "Wulf" from her stage name, former Silver Convention singer Ramona made this cute but ill-fated comeback attempt in the mid-'80s. The material on Strip to the Heart has a continuously low-budget quality that is endearing in a unique way. The title track boasts innocent lyrics and melodies, while "Body Beat" juxtaposes a Stray Cats-esque keyboard ostinato with a cruising sax and cinematic drum programming. Ramona doesn't serve up any amazing vocal antics, but she gets the job done on light fodder of this kind. No copyright date is listed on the release, and it's quite hard to pin down an exact year given the odd hash of new wave nuances and cheap disco recycling found here. In fact, it sounds like the results could be a collection of demos recorded over several years. But an allusion to Culture Club's "Miss Me Blind" on "Get Down" and the frenetic synth effects on Ramona's updated dance version of the Cole Porter standard "Night and Day" -- à la Chaka Khan's "I Feel for You" -- make it likely from 1985. Whatever the case, the ultimate value of the set is in its fleeting nature. It's not nearly as memorable or sturdy as Shake What Yo' Mama Give Ya, but it has its place on the shelves of avid Silver Convention collectors as a quirky batch of fun, relatively mindless tunes.