The Liverbirds

Star Club Show, Vol. 4

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As one of the few all-women bands of the mid-'60s that played their own instruments -- and possibly the only one from Liverpool that recorded to any significant extent -- the Liverbirds are certainly deserving of an interesting footnote in history. The fact is, however, that their debut LP really isn't very interesting on its own terms. All but two of the songs are covers of very well known rock & roll oldies, Chuck Berry getting honored with four, and Bo Diddley with five. This was true of the repertoire of many early British rock bands, of course, but the Liverbirds don't do them especially well, with just about enough instrumental competence, but rather stiff vocals. While the great ballad "Love Hurts" (done so well by Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers) is a nice change of pace from the usual Berry/Diddley knockoffs, they obviously haven't bothered with mastering the ascending chord changes at the end of the chorus, which isn't endearing -- it's just sloppy. Truth to tell, this isn't much of a cut above the numerous rare U.S. '60s local garage pressings that were done more as vanity projects than endeavors of serious artistic worth.