Soupy Sales

Spy With a Pie

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Soupy Sales made two albums for ABC-Paramount that were released within a very short time of each other, suggesting that they were aimed at different audiences and not meant to compete: Spy With a Pie is a children's album while Soupy Sales Sez 'Do the Mouse' and Other Teen Hits is not. Both charted, but the latter enjoyed greater commercial success. Spy With a Pie is a concept album or, more accurately, a musical that tells the story of Sales' conscription into spydom by the Secret Seven. The listener follows him on his mission to foil the villainous Squid's destruction of American moon rockets by joining the circus and hurling a well-aimed pie at the crucial moment. The skits allow Soupy his humorous interactions with the puppet characters White Fang, Black Tooth, Hippy, and Pookie, not to mention Sales' near-seduction by a snake and other subplots and digressions. The songs advance the narrative and give Soupy and his television sidekicks a chance to demonstrate their modest but competent singing ability. Although the album is clearly intended for the kids who watched Sales' television show, there are countless jokes that few children would understand, including digs at ABC-TV, the ratings board, and mildly risqué puns. "Forever Friends" is genuinely touching, and a lot of the album holds up well enough to merit repeated spins.