Jerry Bonham

Spundae Presents Interpretations

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You can put all the best songs in the world on a record and they'll ruin each other. Or conversely -- where San Francisco's Jerry Bonham is concerned -- you can ram a record full of mediocre dance tunes and create a gleaming whole. Which makes it difficult to gauge a mix like Intrepretations. Songs like Deluxe's "Nucleus" or Armin's "Blue Fear" are fine in a ticking, pseudo-infuturo, progressive house sort of way, but Bonham sequences them with such a pent-up rootlessness of a nomadic DJ that the individual songs cease to matter. Half the time you snicker, half the time you jump up and dance like a spaz. Oh well. Those accustomed to the Euro/Anglo dance scene will have found most of this stuff already, but you don't have to be an ignorant American mall brat to find this trip somehow a crafty, wall-rattling success despite itself.

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