Books, Dorsch & Lile

Spontaneous Generation

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This cassette features Books, Dorsch, & Lile performing separately and in various combinations using digital and analog synths and samplers. The first piece, "Ambission," has a searing guitar lead that sounds so much like an overdriven guitar in every aspect that you'd swear Jan Hammer was doing it. It's a great piece with a sense of melodic construction very much like Lyle Mays' solo albums. The next piece, "Whirlpools," is entirely performed by Gregory Books. It's an infectious blend of Fender Rhodes timbres, percussion and bass. There is a good sense of motion, similar to Dan Siegel's early albums or Kit Watkins with his legendary band, Happy The Man. My favorite cut on the tape was "Olympus." It has a real Jan Hammer, "Miami Vice" era feel to it. Synth melodies and textures build and rhythms percolate under a strong melody line. The album, except for one piece by JS Bach on the second side, is a high-tech fusion heavily influenced by electronic as well as jazz-rock culture. It often sounds very derivative yet maintains a distinctive character of its own. These artists' blend of fusion styles should have a wide appeal with its powerful rhythms and dramatic arrangements. Available from Custom Sounds, Box 420, Grayland, WA 98547.