Daniel Lauter

Spirits of Passion

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This atmospheric trance-inducing album, available only on tape, uses quartz crystal bells, rainsticks, and chimes to create a temple atmosphere. Daniel Lauter plays saxophones (side A) and clarinet (side B), while Lauter and Donna Sozynski keeps the bells (20 were used on the recording) resonating. The resonances are not always "harmonic," and the vibrations between the bells create sympathetic tones -- sort of a moiré pattern for the mind. Lauter's lonely saxophone wails in the distance, like a spiritual searcher in the temple halls. Side B features the bells, clarinet, and chanting whirlies. The whirlies begin the side with a sharp whizzing sound; the next segment quiets down with watery pools of quartz bell resonances. The clarinet muses peacefully in the background as the bell vibrations shift personality. Both sides offer sounds that are both relaxing and on edge, perfect for mindful meditation rather than just disappearing into a sentimental slush.