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Masters of synth pop, Wolfsheim's third release cannot fail to please any fan of the genre. Smooth and sexy, Wolfsheim's mix of bittersweet electronic harmonies and intense vocal style pave the way for lyrics which serve more than the melody. Spectators hits a mark in the synth pop genre between the reflective intensity of acts such as Deine Lakaien and the more danceable influences artists such as Beborn Beton. From track to track, Wolfsheim go from strength to strength. The dancefloor beats of "Once in a Lifetime" contrast with the reflective romance of "Kunstliche Welten," with tracks like "Read the Lines" giving a jovial relief from the gravity of the rest of the album. The new romatic characteristics have receeded from Wolfsheim's "Sparrows and the Nightingales" days, and what remains is a sound that is more intense than before. Spectators has a wider appeal than synth pop fans, and fans of gothic and related genres of music are also bound to find something in this release.

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