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Boasting the tagline "Elevated Music from the Underground," Carl Craig's timeless masterpiece of sonic grooves is techno house of the highest order. With the EP's opening track "Rushed," Craig samples the unforgettable synth intro of My Mine's new wave jam "Hypnotic Tango" and pairs it up with busy backwards percussion to deliver a monolith of spellbinding drama. "Sub Seducer" almost passes for a classic lo-fi house track until it is almost overcome by a heavy, distorted wash of sound. The record's A-side finishes out with the title track: a beatless, angular synth excursion. Side two opens with "Poi et Pas," which is surely a reference to the seminal Liaisons Dangereuses proto-techno track "Peut Etre Pas," a group that Craig is not alone in having sampled repeatedly. The record's kicker, however, is the final track "Filter King." Even though the record's label warns that "these sounds have not been tested on humans," one can rest assured that when "testing" this hard, minimal, half-bar workout, the humans in the club will be thrown into a dance frenzy.