Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi


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Released within a week of its cohort Love, Songs is a collection of pieces from throughout Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's illustrious career, most reworked with new vocal tracks. While the songs are already known by his listening fans, there's something to be said for the conviction and power that Nagabuchi can still infuse into his works. He can pivot from emulating Dylan in the opening track to idolizing Springsteen in the following pair, his voice still cracked and hoarse from the days of building (or breaking) it to sound more like his musical idols. Nagabuchi has always had an ear for a good song, roving from folk to rock to balladry, and it's all on display here. He may be emulating Dylan, emulating Springsteen, emulating the Stones, but he always puts his own mark upon the songs. Fans are likely to already be pleased enough with the original recordings of the songs represented here, but Songs still makes a nice introduction to Nagabuchi's sound (perhaps in combination with Love) for newcomers to the bard of Japan.