Val Peterson

Songs for Miss Lucky

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AllMusic Review by Alex Henderson

If Donna Summer were a reflective singer/songwriter, perhaps the resulting album would sound something like Songs for Miss Lucky. Val Peterson is no disco diva, and this obscure CD is a long way from the type of glossy dance music and pop/R&B that Summer is known for. But Peterson's voice does have a somewhat Summer-ish quality at times -- even though Songs for Miss Lucky is hardly the type of album that Summer would do. Not fabulous but often good, Songs for Miss Lucky indicated that Peterson's strength as a singer/songwriter was her storytelling abilities. The album's best songs, which include "Girls Are Strange" and the somber "Always (No Such Thing)," make you sit up and take notice of the people she's singing about. The most compelling song on the CD is its opener "Next to You," which finds Peterson reflecting on the ugly, troubling events in the nightly news and concluding that the best place to find hope in a depressing world is the arms of her lover. A few of the tunes are less than memorable, but when Songs for Miss Lucky gets going, you realize that Peterson is someone with potential.