Jerry Hunt

Song Drape 2 / Song Drape 1 / Song Drape 11

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In the collection Musicworks # 65. In Song Drape 2 (1992), the voice of former president Lyndon Johnson and a respondent with Texas accent are heard taped in a remarkable private phone conversation, with an interlude in which we hear a man coughing and a baby crying. Strange, nebulous music with a steady, slow rhythm accompanies the taped material. Very, very odd. For Song Drape 1 (1992), Hunt created a texture of thick, propulsive music with a triplet pulse, surrounded by percussive shakers, popping and banging sounds, that speaks of magic and wonder. In the massive pounding clusters of Song Drape 11 (1992), we hear gradually changing pitches; the effect is of an irresistible, ceremonial pulse evoking spirit. More treasures left by this truly gifted and original composer. (see also Hunt's Lattice in the collection Gay American Composers).